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June 12, 2008 at 12:33 am 2 comments

Hello! I have been checking out Page Flakes. My first impression is that it would make a great homepage. You can select categories that you would like on your main web start page such as local weather, news, gossip, games, etc. The idea is that these are the places you would visit regularly so they are all in one location. You can also select the sources of your news, games, and tools that you want to use. For example, if you often visit YouTube it can be added to your main page so that the latest video is shown and you can click that box to take you right to YouTube. You are able to personalize it by adding photos, videos, a calendar, and email.

It is easy to navigate for any user but the advanced user can truly personalize it to their liking and extend their uniqueness to others. You are able to develop your own “flakes”. As far as I can tell the “flakes” are pages or portions of pages that you are able to post. You need to know html in order to make a “flake”. The flake you make can be added to others’ pages.

It offers options such as linking with “friends” as you would in MySpace or Facebook. It has a google search option. It offers “pagecasting” which as far as I could tell was sharing your page with others. I saw many that focused on one topic such as “going green” or “fitness”. One great feature that I saw is no matter where I traveled within the site I could also find a button to click that said “Take me back to my page”.

Overall, I would recommend everyone visiting PageFlakes. It offers a wide variety of options for the newest user and the advanced user. It is a great source to find the latest news, weather, blog, have some fun!


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  • 1. sgregory52  |  June 12, 2008 at 3:10 am

    Page Flake seems like a great site to visit for teachers to get ideas for their teacher created web pages.

  • 2. kellyjo4  |  June 18, 2008 at 12:08 am

    Sharonda, I did not consider the possiblities for professional development when I initiatlly posted this blog. Thanks for your suggestion. I too agree that it could be a great place for teachers to gather ideas for their own webpages. As for other means of professional development I think this is a great place for beginners to start utilitizing some cool tools offered on the internet. I think it is very user friendly allowing those who aren’t comfortable to be connected to many areas on the web by just setting up one page!

    For example, some teachers many not be comfortable searching You-Tube but if it was a link on the “page flake” they would see the most current postings.

    Another example of using it for professional development could be my means of being able to quickly and easily share some news and weather with our students. Each year I assign students a “current news” article assignment which I could introduce to them by showing them how to find news articles online or sharing some clippings with them of current events. Also, each grade level learns about the weather – students could check the weather report daily simply by going to the page flake page.

    Other teacher tools include the to-do list and sticky notes. Overall, I’m not seeing this page being used directly for student achievement but more as site that could be used by individuals for daily information.


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